january reads.

yes please | amy poehler.

this book is written exactly how i imagine amy poehler to be. (does that make sense?) she is honest and funny and kind of scatter brained, but also brilliant and loyal and real. the pages are filled with her stories and photos and a guest chapter by seth meyers and it is written less like a memoir and more like you're hanging out. my favorite parts were when she talked about her boys, seth meyers, the cast of parks and rec, and george clooney.

the war of art | steven pressfield.

this is up there with anne lamott's bird by bird. always recommended, but this one is less about writing and more about art and passion or anything worthwhile. i think everyone should read this book because it's 165 pages of pure motivation and insight and that feeling of oh, you're right. it's written in three sections with short, choppy chapters of no more than four pages, max (although most are less than a page), and gives you that same "just one more" mindset of you also get when eating m&ms. it's easy to take in handfuls at a time, and the next thing you know, you've finished an entire section. except instead of feeling bad about it, you draft three separate blog posts and feel awesome.

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