other happenings from christmas break, aka here are the rest of my photos.

i didn't even think about it when we took our christmas card photos on my roommate's new orange vespa, but it looks something like a motorcycle, which luca was THRILLED about. i mean, he'd spot it hanging on the wall in the hallway and point and smile and for a few days, he waved goodnight to it before he went to bed. the cutest!

also, speaking of the christmas card. here it is.

who needs actual toys for christmas when you can just play with the boxes they're delivered in? (because, online shopping, obviously.)

luca, mom, and i were having a dance party to christmas music and we took the party up to J's room, where he and my dad were watching tv. my dad followed the dance train back downstairs and he and my mom got into this side step and snap routine, which was hilarious because they were pretty serious about it.

before break, my dad texted T and i to see if we wanted to go shopping with him to get christmas presents for my mom. my dad is so cute when he's picking out things for my mom. it was such a fun day.

the holiday

 is one of those movies you can watch at any point of the year because it's not really a 'christmas' movie, but it's set during christmastime so you can watch it and still feel festive. i love this movie. like, top five love.

they set up luca's teepee the night before so that he'd see it when he went into the living room on christmas morning. it's a pretty neat, and kind of small (or, like, child-size), but T and J and i all fit in there. which we know because we did it, as shown above.

how to throw a football.

how to catch a football.

one night during a game of catch phrase (which basically dominated our nights because we're obsessed), "planking" came up and T and J decided to bring it back. by planking on literally everything they could.

H brought achilles with her and he slept in the room with us. more specifically, he slept on the floor right next to my side of the bed while cuddling up against my bags. he doesn't really like sleeping on the bed and more than once, H would call him up there to cuddle, only to have him growl and jump back down. weird, right?

H and T were doing work out exercises and luca wanted to join in.

last year, he randomly walked over to me and put his head on my shoulder. this year, he decided to come over and sit on my lap.

this day, we went to the outlets and shopped all day. it was so much fun and there were so many good deals! on the left, T and luca and i were taking a mirror selfie in a shoe store and H unintentionally photobombed. on the right, H and T walking with luca while i pushed the stroller full of our bags.

and this is how we rang in the new year. together, in sweats, with wine. just how i like it.