hello and goodbye, january.

and just like that, it's february. which, thank god. january is kind of the worst, you know? all that new-year-fresh-start pressure to be different and better and healthier when, let's be honest, the beginning of anything always just feels kind of wonky and awkward. not to mention that january is always ready to usher in the new year with a fresh batch of freezing cold air outside that makes you feel like staying in bed and watching friends all day is what life is really all about.

or maybe it's that new chair and ottoman my roommate came home with a few weeks ago that i'm obsessed with. i want to live in that corner and read books. (in between friends episodes.)

anyway, i did get out this one weekend to see the blue man group, which was hilarious and awesome and one of those things that was neat to experience, but something i'd probably never actually pay for myself.

what happened was, my friend and i went for coffee a few weeks ago and she had tickets to the show later that night because she's friends with their drum tech (because, that's a thing). she invited me and we went because, why not?

since we (she) had connections, we got to go backstage after the show and see all the behind the scenes tricks and secrets. and also bang on their custom made drum that is bigger than i am, as seen above.

other than that, i spent most of my january working on an album release. because it was a management client, and because my job description is basically "a little bit of everything," i had heaps of work on my plate and one very solid deadline by which it all needed to be completed: release day, january 27.

there were long days, late nights, and not a lot of sleep. it was exhausting and stressful and probably the hardest i've worked on anything in my life.

but the night before the album released, i stopped everything and just listened to the album, from front to back. it's how i like to listen best, and i realized i hadn't done that with this one yet. after months (these past few weeks, especially) of hard work and preparation, it was nice to stop and remember what i'm working for.

medicine, by drew holcomb and the neighbors, is an incredible collection of songs and as i listened to each of them, i felt so thankful that i get to do this job, that i get to work with these people, that i get to play even a small role in giving life to this music.

it has been the most fun, celebrating its release and watching what happens next.

you can get medicine on itunes, or if you'd prefer a physical copy (packaged and shipped by yours truly!), you can do that here.