we walk by faith.

not by sight. - 1 corinthians 5:7

caity and i were chatting the other day, via e-mail, about the future and having faith - something that is quickly becoming one of my favorite topics of conversation.

i said, "i used to think that when you had faith, God showed you a few steps ahead. and then you'd walk, and then He'd show you more steps. but no. He doesn't even show you the ground you're walking on until you put your foot down and feel it there."

wouldn't that be nice? to be able to see a few steps ahead? yeah, but that is not the case. i learned this very clearly last september, as you may remember. i used to pray, not at all expecting to be shown the big picture, but i did expect God to show me the ground before i walked on it. what i didn't realize was that i was supposed to pray and walk at the same time. because that's what faith is. it's taking steps and believing that there's going to be ground there for you to walk on, even though you can't see it.

she replied to my e-mail, commenting on the various other things we were talking about, and at the end, she wrote, "ps. i definitely cannot see the ground."

what a coincidence! i can't either. but i'm walking, even though i can't see where i'm going, and believing that someday it's all going to work out. in the mean time, i'm writing about it so that maybe, when i look back and remember, i'll be able to see the big picture. or at least part of it.

or maybe not. but either way, i'm walking by faith. not by sight.

God isn't going to let you see the distance either.
so you might as well quit looking for it.
He promises a lamp unto our feet, not a crystal ball into the future.

max lucado.