going to the gym vs. taking a nap.

my dad asks if i want to go to the gym with him tomorrow. i say yes.

i wake up tired because i went to bed too late last night. again. i decide not to go to the gym after church, but take a nap instead. i hope my dad doesn't make me feel too bad about this decision.

i come home from church to see my dad folding towels. i ask if he's going to the gym, and he asks if i still want to. i smile, because i don't, and ask again if he's going. he tells me he was going to if i was going. i tell him i was going to if he was. we laugh, and it's decided. we need a third party to make us more motivated.

i'm eating microwavable pizza while my dad unloads the dishwasher. when i finish eating, i dry the dishes he's now washing. when he finishes washing, he tells me he's tired and needs to go rest.

yeah, me too.