oh my, my.

saturday was the longest day of my life. and by that i mean, i have never been awake for so many straight hours in my life. but it was totally worth it. totally.

i woke up a little before 6 a.m. so we (dad, mom, tiffany, and i) could be on our way to new york. you see, tiffany and lee's wedding photographer lives in manhattan, and we went down to see albums and chat about city life.

i've come to this conclusion: i am in love. and i need to live in new york at some point in my life. like right now.

anyway, we made it back just in time for me to meet up with corey and caity and arielle and leah to head up to allston, mass. for our green river ordinance and sleeperstar concert.

the first concert of 2010, and it was aaaamazing. but rather than me drone on about how great it was (because there are only so many times you can say "it was just SO great!" before it doesn't sound so great anymore), i've decided to post a top 10 about why i love concerts.

top 10 things i love about concerts:

  1. getting black X's on the back of both hands because you're underage, and having the guy who drew them on you tell you not to go to the bathroom and wash them off. (as if that's even possible.)
  2. spending an entire night listening to music. live music. because live music is always better. (well, not always. but the bands i go to see are.)
  3. after you've seen a band play live, you have a new found appreciation for their music the next time you listen to their cd. and every time you listen to it, you remember the good times you had at their show.
  4. musicians are attractive, and seeing them in action is even better.
  5. it's loud. so loud, you can feel it in your bones. (this isn't always a good thing, but at the time, you forget that you're permanently damaging your hearing and you love how loud it is.)
  6. using up memory cards and batteries from all the pictures and videos you take so that you can relive the night once you get home. (at 3 a.m.)
  7. buying merch.
  8. you get to see what musicians look like when they sing/play. you get to see the passion in their facial expressions and what they do with their hands (if they're not playing an instrument) and how they interact with everyone else on stage. you get to see that they're just real people, who love what they do for a living.
  9. you find out about new bands, because chances are you have no idea who else is playing because you don't really care. sometimes they're amazing, and sometimes they're not. but when they are, it's such a pleasant surprise.
  10. sometimes, you get to meet the band members. and sometimes, you become best friends with them.