twenty one.

you know how, on your birthday, people always ask, "how does it feel to be [insert whatever age you're turning here]?!" and you want to look at that person and say, "do you feel any older than you felt yesterday?" because everyone knows that just because the day may be marking another entire year of your life, it doesn't mean that everything about being that age hits you all at once. you have to give it a few months to get used to it.

well, it's been a couple years now and i'm still not used to it. i've turned 19, 20, and now 21, but i still feel like i'm 18. and that means i also think of everyone around me as if they're still the age they were when i was 18. for example, if i'm still 18, josh is still 20, t is still 22, and heather is still 25. i'm not even kidding.

but seriously. when i meet someone who is in their early twenties, i always think they're years older than me, just like when i meet someone who is 18, i think they're my age. when i fill out a form for school or the doctor and it asks how old i am, i naturally want to write, "18." when i sit in youth group as a leader, i have trouble remembering that i'm not there as a student.

so when people tell me that they can't believe i'm 21, i want to tell them to join the club because i can't believe it either.

no, but seriously. how am i already twenty one?