can you apologize, please?

first of all, i would just like to mention that i saw inception on friday night. and it was absolutely fantastic. i loved it and i can't wait to watch it again.


saturday was a beach day for my mom, t, and i.

top 10 things i want to note about our trip.

  1. we stopped and got mini doughnuts on the way. it's tradition. although, we forgot the twizzlers.
  2. unlike last time, we didn't sit near a lifeguard chair. or any attractive guys.
  3. the water was freezing cold. i'd only get wet just enough so that when i sat back down in my chair, i could tan without feeling like my skin was melting.
  4. my mom took it upon herself to help me wet my arms and back by splashing me, and she got my bangs wet. she thought it was pretty funny. i did not. i asked her to apologize.
  5. a sea gull pooped on my mom. t and i thought this was just hilarious, and so did our new friends who were sitting next to us.
  6. for most of the day, t and i would stand at the edge of the water, getting our feet wet every few minutes while my mom went further out to where the waves were crashing because she (unlike us) wasn't afraid of the rip tide.
  7. t and i finally went out with her the last time. it was going well, despite how cold it was, and i managed to keep my hair dry for a few minutes. and then a wave came that was too big to jump. my mom thought this was particularly funny. "oh sarah, your hair got wet."
  8. the lifeguards blew their whistles while we were wave-jumping and we noticed this woman who was further out than we were. she looked like she was trying to swim in, but she wasn't making any progress. the lifeguard and a couple other men swam out to help her, but she wasrude to them, saying, "i'm fine!" even though she wasn't.
  9. in the middle of all of this, huge waves came one right after another, crashing on our heads. my hair definitely got wet. and so did my sunglasses.
  10. we stopped and got carvel ice cream on the way home. and i may or may not have burned every part of my body that wasn't covered by my bathing suit.