surprise party!

there were so many things i could've picked up on. like how the first thing my mom said to me when she got home on wednesday was "can you just hop off the highway tomorrow and get me my hair product?" or how she kept asking, "so are you going to do that for me? you won't forget?" and she still texted me while i was at school on thursday to ask if i remembered. or how she texted me again and asked me to call her when i got to the mall because she may need something else. like she wouldn't know if she needed anything else until i was at the mall? was she planning on making an impulse buy without actually being in the store?

i should've known when she sent me to big y to buy t a whoopie pie and then when she texted me to see if i had left the mall already because she "forgot" she needed something else. she paused before saying, "i really need to just get over to the mall myself." and i remember thinking, well isn't that the understatement of the year. how many more things did she suddenly remember she needed to have?

but i didn't really think about any of these things for too long and i'm glad i didn't. because i love surprises. and i've never had a surprise party before and it wouldn't have been as wonderful if i had figured it out.

here's something no one knows: my day on thursday was actually pretty terrible. the beginning of the week was great, but on thursday, it felt like one thing after another was being piled on to my to-do list. and by the end of the day, i felt like i needed a nap because i was so overwhelmed with it all. coming home to a house full of my favorite people was just what i needed. the rest of the night was so much fun and such a nice reminder that life isn't all about being stressed out about school, as i often forget.

seriously though. this birthday has definitely been the best one i've ever had and my surprise party just made it that much better. i can't even explain how great it was and how special i felt. so thank you to anyone who was apart of it. you are amazing.