top five : things i'm listening to.

i've just been really obsessed with this music recently, in that way where i get in my car and just sit for a minute because i can't decide which album listen to, and i feel like it's my duty as a person to share it with you. you can take it or leave it. but i mean, you should take it.

// drew holcomb and the neighbors, good light

this is old news, i know. but i just listened to it again as i was working (another job) today and it still makes me so happy. not just because i work for them and i think my job is the best ever. it's one of those albums where every song that comes on next feels like a win. like, oh yeah, and there's this one. i'm a huge fan.

// andrew ripp, won't let go

the same thing happened with this album that happened with good light in that i was listening to it and LOVING it a few months before its release. i stumbled upon it in the office one day and immediately became obsessed with it. and i thought, people have to wait how long to hear this? "falling for the beat" is my jam, and "when you fall in love" is just, oh. so good, you guys.

fun fact. thirty six percent of the songs on this album include the word "love" in the title. so, yes please.

// needtobreathe, la differencia ep

i'm going to be honest and say the only real thing this four song ep has going for it is the single new track, difference maker. the other three are live versions of old songs. and yet, i am obsessed with it. i listen to these four songs over and over again and i can't skip over any because every time i try, i end up holding my finger over the >> button because, wait. i just want to listen to this one for a second.

and so it goes.

(the bad news is, i'm not sure if you can get the ep anywhere other than at a show. i did some light research and only found that blog post i linked to. eh.)

// KING, breaking ep

did you know the fray's second vocalist, joe king, has been working on a solo project? you probably didn't even know the fray had a second vocalist. it's fine, but you should become familiar with him because he's good. i could listen to isaac slade sing all day long, but it is always such a treat to hear joe's songs on the fray albums.

i was pretty psyched when i found out he would be doing a solo side project, but when it released, i was even more nervous than when the fray releases new music. i wanted it to be good. please be good. i'm pretty sure i held my breath the entire time i listened. and then i listened again. and again. and you know? i think it's one of those things that you could pass right by and mistake for ordinary if you don't listen close enough, but it's really quite good and i listen it on repeat.

// andrew mcmahon, the pop underground ep

oh, andrew mcmahon. you probably remember him from a recent post i wrote about seeing him play here a couple weeks ago? he's good. he was good in something corporate, he was good in jack's mannequin, and he's good as a solo artist. he can do no wrong in music. except for the fact that he is only giving us four songs? i need more, andrew. i am impatient.

but, i will take what i can get. (and so should you.) "learn to dance" is a particular favorite because, dancing. although all four songs are fun and energetic and will put you in a good mood.