that time T had a baby shower in ct.

photo credit: meg albano.

it was almost two weeks ago, which means we're almost two weeks closer to meeting baby G than we were then. !!

also, better late than never on posting about it, right?

the way it worked out, T and i flew from charlotte to boston on friday, which meant i had to drive from nashville to charlotte on thursday, and then we had to drive from boston to ct once we landed. and all of that in the opposite direction for the way back. it was a lot of travel for just a weekend, but it was so worth it. of course, i would have loved to stay longer (and travel less), but we made the most of it. and the shower helped with seeing so many of my favorite people, even if it was in such a short period of time. heather and my mom did a great job putting it all together.

click for the photos that terribly document the trip. one thing i didn't think to do with all those faces i saw at the shower was take pictures with them. but i did manage to snap a few others.

// on the left is how T packs for three days. on the right is how i pack for five days.

// baby G's first flight! i sure hope he's a better flyer than his mama.

// mama's first frap.


// i got to meet my sweet new baby cousin, mckenzie.

// alexis is so grown up! and such a great big sister.

// checking out dad's new toy.

// my dad is the best.

// this always ends up happening at some point.

// we celebrated mother's day a week early since all her kids were there (including amy!).

// family photo shoot.

// amy couldn't decide what to get, so she got a little of both.

// royal wich. been craving this since i moved!

the next few are some of my favorites that meg took at the shower:

// obviously psyched to be a nana.

// my mom and i spent the majority of the weekend fighting over T's belly.

// love.