i'm in this community group called 'creative young adults,' which, for a creative group, isn't all that creatively named. i mostly just refer to it as 'group.' i found them through my church, and every time i go i am reminded that these are my people. i mean, for the whole two hours i am with them, i feel like i'm in this constant state of ME TOO, in response to everything we talk about.

except, this funny thing happens every week where i debate with myself about whether or not i should go. the introvert in me just wants to stay at home and watch tv and wear stretchy pants, as my friend tabitha calls them, because it's been a long day, you know? it takes a conscious effort to convince myself to stop with the excuses and put on real pants and just go.

tonight i actually wanted to go, since it has been a few weeks and how many do you have to miss before they stop considering you a part of the group? that doesn't happen. i know because when i showed up tonight, i was welcomed with a happy "you made it!" they remember me. but i almost didn't make it, because i had a lot of things to get done and a strange reoccurring headache that, by the end of the day, feels something like a migraine.

fortunately, i pulled it together in time to meet up with my people in this park downtown and i'm so glad i did, as always. and it was so lovely outside tonight, and so warm. perfect weather. we talked and broke up into smaller groups and then reconvened at the end to cross the walking bridge and get ice cream at mike's on broadway. (hello, most delicious peanut butter ice cream i've ever tasted.) and take instagram photos, obviously.

it was great. and so, let's file this one under don't forget how awesome group is every time monday rolls around.