AN UPDATE : the thing about my tattoo.

i mean yes, of course it's still there. but every time i catch a glimpse of it, that's what i think.

it's still there.

i still love LOVE it.

the truth is, that worried me a little. because i got it to remember that i always have hope, not just to have a neat little design on my arm that i enjoy looking at.

but the other night, i was getting ready for bed when i caught a glimpse of it in the mirror as i was brushing my teeth, and i had that reaction. the one where i love it. and after i finished brushing and rinsing and flossing, i pulled my wrist up to look at it, and really look at it, as i sometimes do when i wonder why i don't see hope when i look at it.

this time, i let my mind go with it. i love this tattoo. i love looking at it. i love how mind blowing it is to think that it's there and that it will always be there. like i am literally, physically a different and changed person from who i used to be.

of course i am, and it's not just because i have ink, permanently marked on my skin. i live in nashville now. i don't live with my parents anymore and i may never even go back to that house i left. i have a full time job now. in the industry, at the same company, that i came here for as an intern. i am an aunt now. to the sweetest boy, who has the most kissable squishable snackable cheeks.

can you believe this is what my life looks like now?

THAT, right there, is exactly it. i see my tattoo, and i love it. but in that, i am reminded that i love my life. even when i feel overwhelmed or broken or confused or alone, even when i'm at my worst. i have a God who is constant and faithful, whose love never fails, and He has blessed me to an unbelievable degree.

and that was the whole point. this tattoo, this anchor, is a constant and permanent reminder.

this is your life, and it is amazing.
don't forget how blessed you are,
and don't forget where those blessings come from.

there is hope in that.

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