high five for friday.

on wednesday i kept thinking it was thursday, so yesterday i kept thinking it was friday, and that's how thrilled i am for this week to finally be over.

let's high five about it.

1. the grammys were on sunday. i love the grammys. even when they're awful, i love them anyway. on sunday, i went and watched at a friend's house and it was a good time. there was champagne. and two tiny babies! and a lot of terrible performances.

2. i went to group on monday night and we started this series with workbooks and DVDs but instead of everyone buying workbooks, we just made copies. and then one girl in our group bought folders for us to keep our copies in. here's mine. other options included one direction and ninja turtles. because we are a very mature and grown up young adults group.

3. dave barnes released a new record on tuesday and he replied to my tweet about it. i'll admit, it kind of made my night when i saw his reply, but i'm pretty sure he replied to everyone who tweeted about it, and i love that. he's newly independent (again) and it's nice to see that he appreciates the fan support.

4. i tried yoplait's new blended greek yogurt this week. i'm not particularly a fan of greek yogurt, partially because of the greek yogurty-ness but also because yogurt in general is not appetizing to me. i can't handle the fruit at the bottom. but yoplait's greek yogurt is blended, so that made it a tiny bit more appealing.

i thought i'd give it a shot because maybe i don't hate greek yogurt anymore? and i don't! but i certainly don't find it enjoyable either. it's kind of like eating paste. or what i imagine eating paste would be like. i tried the strawberry and blueberry, and maybe it's because i had the blueberry second, but i found that one to be more tolerable. but of course, only with lots of granola.

5. work has busy this week, with record releases and new tours. the office is like a maze, but that's what we like to call "productive." it's looking real productive in the good time office these days.

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