high five for friday.

this week was pretty okay, with the exception of yesterday which was maybe the strangest day ever. our internet was down for most of the day at work and the temperature of the mini fridge went all crazy and caused all the cans of soda to freeze and then explode.

so, TGIF for reals.

high fives! here are mine.

ONE. in my search for a new pair of frames, i did the at-home try-on thing with warby parker glasses. shopping online is so tricky, and i feel like warby parker has some really cute frames that just don't look as cute when they're on your face. plus, i didn't really understand what those measurement numbers meant. 49-18-140-what? (i know what that means now.) none of the pairs i picked really worked on my face. this one pair though, they were enormous on my face but i still wore them around all night because i kind of love them.

TWO. i'm back on the pinterest train, y'all. mainly because it's a better way to file all my "favorite" bookmarks in a way that lets me easily access them. i think that was the original idea? but then people started using it as a creative search engine and it was all about the re-pins. i'm not so much interested in learning how to DIY anything, but i will pin something i find elsewhere on the internet that i may want to come back around to. this is mainly exciting to me because i love all things organizational, and now i have a way to organize my bookmarks.

THREE. for ellie's kickstarter, one of the rewards for backing a certain dollar amount was an ellie box, filled with ellie's favorite things – including these "hair happies," as she calls them. they're hair pins she learned how to make a few years ago that take a lot longer to make than she remembered, and so. tuesday was a day for crafting. (speaking of the DIY pinterest.) (you know, it's been around long enough for autocorrect to know that i do mean pinterest and not interest.)

FOUR. this week, noisetrade officially launched the audiobook section of the site. i've downloaded audiobooks from there before, but now there's an entire page dedicated to the books. i'm super excited about this because i'm not a fan of libraries but i'm also not totally into jumping right in and buying a copy either. plus, i recently discovered that while audiobooks are not my preferred way to read, i don't hate it. and, it may be a slim selection on the site now, but it'll grow, just like the music selection grew. and it's  f r e e.

FIVE. update! i found these two cuddling together the other morning. they are officially BFFs.

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