THE DIRTY GUV'NAHS : 04.05.2014

this show was unlike most of the shows i generally go to. mainly because the dirty guvs are a rock band and i'm more of a fan of the singer/songwriters. but, we released their latest record, and i've been keeping it in a pretty constant rotation at the office. (which is to say, i like their music and i got in for free so why not? carpe diem and all that, you know.)

it started out like any other show and then somewhere around the middle, it turned into more of a party. lights flashing, energetic songs, dancing on stage, dancing in the crowd. party. i love watching a band who plays like they're in it for the fun, but it's even better when the passion of the music is a mutual thing between the band and their audience.

and it was, let me tell you. that crowd may have been my favorite to people watch of any show. there was quite a variety of people, but they all seemed to be united in their love for the dirty guvs. or just good music and a good time. and pbr. there were trucker hats, high heels, beer raising frat boys, and grown men singing along with their arms raised and fingers pointing to the ceiling.

like i said, party.