high five for friday.

as requested, the high fives are back. not that they were ever really gone. it's just that, how many high points are there when you're consistently sick for three weeks? definitely not five every week. unless you count things like "the ability to breathe through my nose for maybe twenty minutes that one day." or, "successfully watching an entire season of the west wing in one day." because let's be real, netflix watching and feeling sorry for myself are really all that goes on when i don't feel good.


i'm back and i'm feeling good and i'm high fiving about more than just the fact that it's friday and that i posted two other blogs this week. look at me go!

ONE. when i skype with my mom and luca and bailey pops in the background too.

TWO. when i wake up early on a sunday morning to have coffee and go to church with a friend (and then we also get lunch after).

THREE. when people stop in the office when i'm not there and leave me notes.

FOUR. when i can't sleep at night.

FIVE. when it's SPRING weather,


. (and tornado weather, unfortunately.)

no screen caps to prove it, but we hit 80 degrees this week. and taking lunch breaks in the park is always something to high five about.