high five for friday.

this week was a good week. lots of things to high five about this week. including that uconn domination! i mean, i didn't go to uconn and i can't say i've ever watched a game (...played by anyone), but i did grow up in connecticut so i believe i have all the bragging rights. except that no one here really cares. or at least no one i've come into contact with.

it's funny because i had just watched an episode of

the west wing

where cj points out that josh is from connecticut and he says, "go whalers. ...not a ton to get excited about in the nutmeg state." and i tweeted that because, truth. except we don't even have the whalers anymore. thankfully, i had T (and all of my facebook friends from connecticut) to remind me,

but we have uconn


anyway, on to the five.

ONE || speaking of uconn. i had lunch on sunday with some family friends who were in town to watch the women play. because apparently their final games were in nashville, but the only time i really heard about it was over lunch. because nashville is apparently not stoked about connecticut basketball or something? i don't know. but it was so nice to visit with some friends from home.

TWO || recently, my dad has been facetime calling instead of regular calling and this is probably one of my most favorite things. i don't know, i guess there's just something special about when someone not only wants to talk to you but they want to look at your face while they do so. once we get past all the catching up and what we ate for lunch, we move on to discuss more thrilling topics like how nail polish requires two coats, just like how paint on the wall requires two coats.

THREE || every week before group, my friend tab and i fill in that gap between work and group by getting dinner but this week we had a little extra time to pop into dunkin donuts (which is so conveniently located across the street from where we have group) and i can count on one hand the number of times i've been to a dunkin donuts in the past two years. which is really a shame because apparently oreo creme donuts are such a thing that exists and i had no idea.

FOUR || i went to this really neat house show on wednesday night and had the pleasure of seeing these two super talented peeps. young summer + k.s. rhoads. (plus two others.) i've already got a post for this drafted, but i will just say that i have "invincible fortress" stuck in my head and any audio version just does not compare to the live version.

this video

kiiind of works, but it still doesn't really do it justice.

FIVE || i spent most of my break yesterday sitting outside and talking to my mom on the phone, which is generally enough of an afternoon pick-me-up to get me through the rest of the work day, but apparently i am 87 years old and can't handle the day after staying out late (even while getting home before midnight) (??) so i decided to treat myself to a double chocolatey chip frap from starbucks because, well, desperate times. little did i know, the guy behind me in the drive thru line had decided that


 wanted to treat me to that frap. and so he did. and i bet he was hoping for a thank you in the form of my phone number, but all he got was a shout out from me on the internet. because, it takes a little more than buying me a frap, you guys.

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