i run with orange nail polish.

tuesday got sucker punched so hard. i set my alarm for 6 a.m. and by 6:30, i was out the door and running. literally, running.

i know 6 a.m. is not 5 a.m., like jon acuff's version of a sucker punch, but let me just tell you about how my alarm usually goes off at 7 and i never actually get out of bed until closer to 8. so, 6 a.m. is a darn good sucker punch in my world.

also, i ran! it could have been noon and that would still be significant.

basically, i got these new sneaks that are all cute and stuff, while my old ones were all old and, you know, not cute. now i want to go running all the time. because, cute shoes you guys. they are made of pure motivation. and the truth is, i've always been fascinated by people who think running is enjoyable, mostly because running just makes me feel like i'm dying and i fail to see how that is enjoyable. but i want to! i mean, i like the idea of running, and i like the feeling i get after i'm done running. but the actual running part? well, i like to turn the music up so i can't hear how loudly i'm breathing.

i made sure i was in bed by a reasonable time on monday night, set my alarm, and turned it on the most intense shake setting. i use the wake n shake app, which means i have to shake my phone to turn it off. it works you guys, because i'm pretty sure the only reason i got out of bed yesterday morning was because i was awake enough (from shaking my phone) to respond to that voice in my head telling me you don't actually have to do this, you can just stay in bed by saying, but i actually want to even if i can't remember why right now.

and so i ran. and i was pleasantly surprised to find that i  l o v e d  it.

i didn't run the whole time, partly because i would die and partly because there is a massive hill in my neighborhood that feels like a ninety degree incline and i would die, but i ran a lot (and a lot more than i planned to). i'm quite proud of myself.

(relevant: this post about running a 5k. because, yes exactly. especially the part about the mile run in gym class.)

in other news, i've been really into orange lately, which is kind of strange because it's my least favorite color, but i'm slightly obsessed. i've had it on my blog for a while now, but i went as far as purchasing a bottle of orange nail polish this past weekend. which, nail polish is kind of my thing, you know? some people feel good about themselves when they're wearing a good outfit, i feel good about myself when i have a good nail color. and so, orange nail polish. (it's called "sun kissed" by sally hansen xtreme wear.)

it's like i don't even know who i am, wearing orange nail polish and waking up at 6 a.m. to go running. but i don't hate it.