that time i gave myself an unintentional makeover.

in keeping with this week's theme of things i forgot to write about...

i had been needing new glasses. i mean, my old ones were from 2009. which doesn't really sound that shocking to me until i remember that 2009 was FIVE years ago. and not, you know, like two.

i shopped around (and around) for a pair that i liked, but i was looking to find a pair of warby parkers that i liked. i'd heard about them years ago. they're like toms, but for glasses. you buy a pair, they give a pair. their selection of frames has grown, so it took me a while (and i actually ended up ordering two pairs because i just couldn't decide), but i finally made a decision and i looove them.

the thing about cutting my hair was that i kept seeing girls with short hair cuts and LOVING them. except there is a difference between loving short hair on someone else and wanting that short hair on yourself. so i never took the plunge, always thinking maybe next time.

i’ve had short hair for a lot of my life, so chopping it didn’t feel THAT drastic, but i knew i still had to be prepared. the difference between looking at cute short hair and gorgeous long hair is that you know you can have the short hair whenever you want it and the long hair takes forever.

i know a lot of people have the mentality of “oh it’ll grow back” and, while that is true, what these people are not taking into account is that it doesn’t. not overnight. hair is not like nail polish. you can’t just change it whenever you feel like it.

anyway, one day i saw cute short hair and it was like a switch. i actually wanted the short hair. on myself. and while i had about three weeks before my appointment to make sure i wouldn’t regret it, i knew i was solid in my decision when i found myself pinterest searching short hair. which sounds like a normal thing to do except that i don't really use pinterest.

i liked my long hair a lot, but it was unhealthy and i never felt like i was making any progress in growing it. plus, i kept having that itch like i wanted to cut it. so why not? it will grow back, eventually. and maybe this time it’ll grow healthier and longer.

just for fun, here is what my pony tail looks like.