kickstarter party.

over the weekend i sat down and thought about what i could write about, because nothing really exciting happens when you are sick for three weeks, and that’s when i realized there were things i never wrote about. like ellie’s kickstarted party? i don’t know. i guess that’s what happens when you consistently choose netflix over blogging.


the backstory here is this.

ellie set a goal of $40,000 on kickstarter and once she reached that, easy peasy–in less than three days, we added "stretch goals" and a little extra incentive for those who still wanted to be part of it even though she reached her goal. in less than three days. (unheard of!)  anyway, the reward for raising $100,000 was a release party for the backers in nashville.

march 2 was the night of the big event.

ellie sang her songs and shared the stories behind them. she answered questions with her dad about the process of making the album. and then she stood for about two and a half hours, meeting and taking photo booth photos with all the backers and friends who came to celebrate with her.

it was an incredible night, and one that i think truly shows ellie’s genuine passion and excitement and gratitude. she is an incredible person, and i just love that i have the opportunity to be part of her team.