something beautiful.

oh my gosh, where do i begin? i have so many things to catch up on! (actually not really.) but obviously the logical thing to do here would be to pick up where i left off, so let's go with that.

i skipped classes on good friday because it was good friday. (side note: when i told my philosophy professor why i would be missing class, he was like, "seriously?" ...yeah, are you serious? have you never met a Christian person before?) anyway, i saw the passion of the King with caits that night and even though i've seen it multiple times and i know the story, there's nothing like watching it all play out in front of you. watching Jesus dance with little children, teach, and be a servant to his disciples. watching Him be spit on, beaten, whipped, and crucified. watching how He rose again and conquered the grave... there just aren't words to describe it.

easter sunday, to sum it up, included: being thankful for what He's done, a great church service, tears of joy, family, photo shoots, lots of laughter, eating, egg hunts, and colored eggs.

(another side note: we had a let's-just-get-this-over-with approach to the photo shoot this year.) (which, for the record, that wasn't my idea.)

okay. now let's fast forward to thursday night: arielle, leah, and i went up to boston to see needtobreathe at the paradise rock club. SUCH an awesome night. now usually, i'd just leave it at that, but i'm going to try and give a few more details without crossing the had-to-be-there line.

let's start with the pretty colors.

we saw these tanks and they were such pretty colors, leah and i decided that they were picture-worthy. so here they are.

right after that, we ran into a bit of traffic and we thought we'd use that opportunity to our advantage and have a photo shoot. ...and then we missed our turn, got lost, and ended at some random starbucks asking the barista for directions.

now, we've been to the paradise a handful of times, so i'm not exactly sure how we managed to get lost, but we eventually found our way and that's all that matters. right? once we got in there, we took our usual X's-on-our-hands shot.

yeah, i'm not exactly sure why we feel the need to do this every time, but we do. it's as if we like displaying the fact that we're still not 21... however, you can bet that when we are 21 and have wristbands like rel's, we'll be documenting it. for sure.

to sum up the openers: matt hires was enjoyable, and so cute! will hoge was unforgettable in an obnoxious-gum-chewer/singer/guitar&harmonica-player kind of way. his set was so loud at times, i had to plug my ears. (fortunately, the lady next to me brought back ear plugs for me when she went out to get a water. unfortunately, i apparently don't know how to use them because they wouldn't stay in.) (...who doesn't know how to use ear plugs?)

anyway, needtobreathe finally came on and it was just wonderful. see?

then after the show, we went to our meet & greet, which we paid and got special passes for. (even though we've already met them. twice.)

rel got a good, normal picture of all of us on her camera, but for mine i asked if they'd do a funny-face picture because if i was a musician, i'd get tired of doing the same thing in every picture. so this is what happened:

bo (who's cross-eyed in the picture): "yeah... you can."
me: "well, can you?"
bo: "we'll see."
me: "...are you doing it? because i don't want to do it if you're not."
bo: "i don't know."

so i didn't do it because i didn't want to be the only one, and everyone else must've been thinking the same thing. (or, like bear, they just didn't want to.) but bo does it, and he's the only one, which is just so great! such a great face too! (you can see the bigger version of this picture on facebook, along with more pictures & videos.)

so yeah. that was my night. and my easter. they were both wonderful.

...the end.