the continued.

you've probably forgotten by now, but i did promise another post with details about my superawesome weekend last weekend. however, i haven't really gotten around to editing my pictures and videos. and by that i mean, i had some good intentions to see what i could do to edit what i have because my camera is really terrible with the whole picture-taking thing, especially at concerts. (yeah, i know. i shouldn't have impulsively decided to trade a new camera for a coach bag for my last birthday, but i did.) and unfortunately, as pastor sean kindly pointed out a few weeks ago, good intentions don't get you anywhere. so, i'm just going to list a few memorable moments and post a video or two, and that'll just have to do.

(side note: i keep rhyming and it's not on purpose. and every time, i feel the need to point it out to whoever i'm talking to because i think it's so weird.)

so arielle, leah, and i went to the owl city show, which was in boston at the house of blues. and for those of you don't know, the house of blues is right next to fenway. like, right next to fenway. the home of the red sox. and what none of us realized was that the red sox were home, and playing a game on the same night as our concert. as three yankee fans, we were not thrilled about all the excessive red sox-ness that surrounded us. not to mention how much traffic we ran into and what we had to deal with in order to park because of it. in the mean time, leah decides it would be a good idea to yell, "GO YANKEES!" out the window.

you can imagine the kind of verbal abuse she got as a result of it, and how hilarious it was to rel and i because we were stopped in traffic, and leah had no place to hide.

we were late to the show, thanks to all the red sox madness, and missed paper route. (paper route and lights opened for owl city.) and as expected, owl city put on an awesome show.

leah was pretty upset about not seeing paper route play, but fortunately, we met andy smith (of paper route) outside afterwords. she spotted him taking pictures with other fans, and she was pretty sure he was someone from the band, but she didn't know his name or which one he was. as we walked away, we used rel's phone to google which member of paper route we had just taken pictures with.

i'd post a picture, but none of the ones we took were on my camera. speaking of which, i also don't have any pictures from amy's shower because those are all on t's camera. however, i do have some pictures (and lots of videos) from the fray concert, which was at the mgm grand at foxwoods.

(side note: every time we'd pass foxwoods on our way to the beach when we were little, my mom would always point it out to us. i always wondered what it was like inside. it was neat to actually see it, after so many years of driving by and staring at it in awe.)

this was the fourth time seeing the fray live for t and me, and it was the third time for lee. i speak from experience when i say they never disappoint; it was amazing. we decided to get 'mezz' seats this time (which are second-level seats) because they were less expensive and since we've already seen them a few times, we didn't feel the need to have eleventh-row seating this time. we do have a wedding to pay for, after all. (and by 'we,' i mean t and lee.)

in other news, yesterday i was awarded a scholarship for next year.. woo! it was one that you don't apply for. the faculty just picks who they think should get it, i guess. i'm not exactly sure of the details.. but it's pretty sweet, i think.

maybe i can take all that money i'll be saving and buy myself a new camera.