you're sweet, like i can't deny.


i figured i'd cut right to the chase here, because really, what else is there to say? i saw steve moakler. finally. i've only been waiting for him to make his way up to connecticut for the past three years.

but let's back up for a minute. caits, corey, leah, and i piled into leah's car and drove to eastern, a school none of us attend, to see steve play at a coffeehouse. it was slightly awkward because, you know that scene in mean girls where they're all sharing their feelings and doing trust falls? and then there's that one girl who's talking and what's-his-name in the back yells, "she doesn't even go here!" well it was kind of like that. because none of us go there, and we clearly were only there for steve.

i won't re-live every moment of last night because i realize concerts are one of those had-to-be-there things. but i will say that steve moakler is definitely my new musician bff.

also, i posted this on facebook:

and here's the story behind that. (in case you were wondering why caits and i are wearing over-sized t-shirts that do not match what we're wearing underneath them, and taking a picture of it in a public bathroom.)

so the people who run these music entertainment events at eastern played this little game while steve and matt (the keyboardist) took a mini break. they asked questions like, "what is rihanna's latest single called?" and whoever was the first to get the right answer got a sweet, one-of-a-kind, specially designed t-shirt.

my first thought was, "we shouldn't try and answer. we don't need their t-shirts. we don't even go here." but then they do this thing where they play a clip of a song and you have to name the artist or song title or whatever. and the first clip they play is a steve moakler song, which i recognize instantly of course. so i raise my hand. (how could i not?) and i get a t-shirt.

they play a clip for some other song, and then the last clip they play is another one of steve's songs. so i look around and raise my hand again. because i know it, and apparently no one else does. but of course i can't win another t-shirt. (what would i even do with two eastern-music entertainment shirts?) so caits raises her hand. and she gets a t-shirt. but the only sizes they have left are large and extra large. so we end up with two large t-shirts that say "cab" and "music entertainment" on them.

we felt kind of weird (but thought it was hilarious at the same time) that we have these shirts because we don't even go there. so we put them on in the bathroom, gathered the extra material off to the side and tied it like we're living in the '80s, and took a picture of it.

i'm sorry if that was one of those aforementioned had-to-be-there stories, but i felt like that picture needed some explaining.

and with that, i'm going to bed. but can i just point out that i wouldn't have had to wait three years for this awesome experience, if only i lived in nashville?