some thoughts on the olympics.

Even though I just moved to a new city and there are a number of things I could be doing, I mostly like staying home and watching Olympics coverage all night. I'm obsessed. So I thought I'd take a minute to document some of the miscellaneous thoughts I've had while watching. For photos, you can follow my London Olympics 2012 tag on Tumblr.

1. First of all, while there are many advantages to social media, the one HUGE disadvantage is the SPOILERS. By the time I sit down to watch the replay of events in the evening, I already know the outcome of 90% of what I'm watching, which just takes half the fun away.

2. Ryan Lochte. Ryan Lochte. Ryan Lochte. Yes, please. And those eye crinkles? I die.

3. Remember that time Ryan Lochte got gold in the 400 IM? And Michael Phelps didn't even get a medal?

4. I feel the need to clarify that it's not that I don't still love Michael Phelps, or that I don't think he's still amazingly talented. (Because he obviously is.) It's just that I don't think his heart is fully in it anymore.

5. I am just absolutely fascinated by synchronized diving. How do two people flip themselves around in the air and do it at exactly the same time? Unreal.

6. I get really excited (and emotional) when Team USA gets a medal. Like when Abby Johnston and Kelci Bryant got silver. And when Dana Vollmer got gold AND set a new world record. And when The Fab Five got gold. And when these boys got gold and Michael Phelps got his 19th Olympic medal, making him the most decorated Olympian in history. And when Nathan Adrian got gold by .01 seconds.

7. Misty May and Kerri Walsh are obviously the best beach volleyball players on the planet. And they do it while playing in small underwear/bathing suit bottoms/whatever they are called.

8. This video.

9. Poor Jordyn Wieber. And the cameras just kept following her around. Brutal. I don't know how she mustered up the strength to do that interview afterwords.

10. Remember that time four years ago when Team USA won the men's 400m free relay? That was a really awesome moment. This year? Not so much.

11. I know these people are used to it because it's their life, but I wonder what it must be like to be essentially naked in front of the whole world.