18 things i want.

Someone else posted a blog about this. I'm not sure where she got the idea, but she wondered if she could come up with 18 things that she wanted, on the spot, without really thinking about it. So she did.

And then I wondered if I could. Or, more like, what my list would look like. Of course I could list 18 things I want. Easily. But what would my list look like if I just started writing it without thinking about it?

1. a nail polish that stays fresh for as long as you want it to, without ever chipping.

2. to know how to cook delicious meals without having to go through the whole learning process.

3. to be physically fit.

4. a job.

5. for there to be a good, quality show on TV. (Why don't these exist anymore?)

6. a notebook with an infinite number of pages.

7. home.

8. a cup of hot chocolate.

9. to be able to fall asleep before 4 a.m. (Way before.)

10. a natural hair color that doesn't look ashy.

11. to travel.

12. to not be allergic to cats.

13. the ability to stop time.

14. to go to The Fray/Kelly Clarkson show in September.

15. for poisonous spiders to suddenly become extinct. (Or at least leave the Nashville area.)

16. a husband, to protect me from the poisonous spiders that may or may not find their way into my bed.

17. for there to be more swimming events at the Olympics. (It just occurred to me that I will have to wait four years before seeing them again, sans Michael Phelps. Which makes me wonder where I'll be in four years.)

18. to know what it was like in the Garden of Eden, before sin entered the world.