scars & stories.

first of all, is there other new music out today besides the fray album? because that's ALL I CAN LISTEN TO. i literally cannot get enough of it. can. not. i know i said that last week when it was streaming on itunes and i was all excited, but this week, i own it. it's mine and it's on my ipod and i can listen to it whenever and wherever i want.

second of all, that was actually an honest question. i haven't even been to the itunes store to see what else came out today (yesterday, by the time you read this). two reasons: 

one) i am not going to spend money on music that i know i won't be listening to anytime soon, so why even look? (but i probably will take a peek tomorrow and i may or may not post about it. we'll see.) and 

two) i'm currently in the middle of reading the hunger games series (i'm about half way through catching fire) and, if you've read them before, you know that any free minute is spent with katniss and peeta, either crying or aww!-ing or dropping your jaw out of shock.

i'm not kidding. i have other things to do, even more important than blogging, and they're just not getting done. like sleeping, for example. i wanted to be in bed 43 minutes ago, but chances are, i'm going to go read one more chapter after i'm done writing this.

third of all, ANYWAY, let's get back to the music. here's my usual bit about new music tuesday:

the fray –– scars & stories

this album is just, oh my gosh. so, so good. there are no words to describe it. but it kind of reminds me of their first album in that i love every song so much, for different reasons, and i always end up listening to the album straight through without skipping any songs. i think it also sounds similar to their first album. i'm doing a terrible job at trying to explain myself, so you should probably just do yourself a favor and buy it already. itunes has a deluxe version, which i highly recommend, because those extra songs are SO worth the extra three dollars.

favorite tracks: if i HADDD to choose, i'd say "the wind," "rainy zurich," & "maps" (which is a bonus track and also a cover of the yeah yeah yeah's song). / itunes

also, someone posted this screencap on tumblr, with the caption "favorite thing about the fray's new website." so funny.