gabe dixon / 02.02.2012

[image stolen from leah's instagram.]

so thursday night, leah and i went to the space, which is a music venue in hamden that i sometimes work at, to see gabe dixon, a musician from nashville who was also a part of ten out of tenn, vol. 4. we're not huge fans, but we love nashville and tot and when someone like that comes to ct, you have to show some support and make it look like ct has somewhat of a music scene.

brian jarvis, who is actually pretty great, opened. he's from manchester, which we found out by some spontaneous googling during his performance. leah and i signed up for his email list because this sweet girl came over with the list and the smoothest writing pen i have ever used. although, he will be getting my email once again when i download his music from noisetrade, which we found out he has from his tumblr blog that i found through google. at one point, he was talking about gabe being from nash and he asked if anyone had ever been to nashville. i was in the middle of sending a text, but as soon as i realized what he said, my hand shot straight up in the air. it turns out, i was the only one in the room who's ever been to nashville.

lelia broussard played next. she's young and cute, but SUPER awkward on stage. i mean, when she's singing, she's fine. as long as she has a guitar in her hands. but when she talks in between songs? all i could think was, "oh honey, just stop talking and start singing again." but has some serious potential. her set was 45-ish minutes, but it felt like three hours. leah and i had a lot of fun during her set being random and awkward and singing along to that one song she asked us to sing along to.

gabe dixon played last and, while he's a really talented musician, his style doesn't exactly line up with my style, so i'm not in love with his music, but it was a pretty great show. his banter in between songs was entertaining and much better than lelia's, who's name we still can't figure out how to pronounce, by the way. at one point, before he sang "on a day just like today," he talked about trent dabbs and leah got all giddy and then he mentioned tot and i woo!-ed because i am a tot fan and he was like "oh! we got some fans in here." then he proceeded to say he didn't think they came to ct on the tot tour, but apparently ct came to them. OH WE SURE DID, GABE. WE SURE DID. after that, he sang this song that he wrote for his wife, which was super cute because he told the story of how he wrote it and i just eat that stuff up. so adorable. his set was approximately a hour long, but the first half went by really fast. and then his songs seemed to get longer and my eyes got heavier and leah and i went back and forth about whether or not we were going to leave before it was over because, while the show was in ct, it was still a 45 minute drive home.

we ended up staying until it was over and then we left and practically died laughing the entire way home. i have no idea what we talked about, but i had tears coming down my cheeks from laughing so hard about things that are really only funny at midnight on a thursday night.

going to work on friday was brutal, but totally worth it.