good reads | paper towns + hey natalie jean.

paper towns, by john green.

i’ve read a couple of his books (looking for alaskathe fault in our stars) and liked them a lot, but there was nothing really pushing me to read any of the others, until i saw the movie trailer for paper towns and it made me want to watch the movie so much that i couldn’t wait. also i am a firm believer that book are always, always better than their movie adaptations so it only made sense. this was probably my least favorite of the books i’ve read by john green, but a pretty solid teen novel, if you’re into that kind of thing.

hey natalie jean, by natalie holbrook.

the thing i love about this book is really that it exists. i’m a fan of natalie and her blog (of the same name), hey natalie jean, and the way she writes and tells stories and doesn’t take herself too seriously. this book isn’t particularly an impressive piece of published material, considering it’s largely filled with pages of photos and advice on beauty and fashion from your average, non-educated (in these areas) blogger. but it reads like you are best friends, and she’s giving you tips and tricks she’s picked up along the way.