good reads | if you feel too much.

if you feel too much, by jamie tworkowski

jamie tworkowski is the founder of the organization called “to write love on her arms,” which shares its name with the story it originated from. if nothing else, you should read this story. it’s powerful and moving, and it gives insight into the background of the organization and an idea of what you’ll find in the rest of the book. jamie didn’t write this story for it to become something bigger, he wrote it because he’s a writer, because it happened, because it changed him. that's what this book is: a collection of those stories.

from the title alone, if you feel too much, this books sounds super emo, or something written by a therapist, found in the “how to” or self-help section. but the subtitle, “thoughts on things found and lost and hoped for,” opens a window to the idea that what follows isn’t an answer, but rather “me too.” it’s not written by someone with answers, it’s written by someone who shares the struggle while also believing there is hope to be found, that people matter, and that your story matters.


+ introduction
+ to write love on her arms
+ “have you ever struggled with self-injury?"
+ the patient telling of another person’s worth
+ welcome to midnight
+ what i feel vs. what i know
+ meet dree
+ there is still some time