l a t e l y.


lately, i have been:

eating cookies. because my intern decided to bake some before coming into work one day. they were still warm, and that pile of cookies was all melted together.

eating cupcakes. because that same intern didn't have to work at her other job one afternoon, so she decided to go home and bake cupcakes and then come back so we could eat them.

eating ice cream. because molls used to work at jenny's and while i've technically had jeni's ice cream before, i'd never actually been to jeni's, which is apparently a very important experience to have.

drinking coffee. because, always. but also, this coffee shop is close to my house but i've never been there before. the well is a non-profit coffee shop that "exists to make money ...and then give it away."

writing and backdating blog posts. because i wanted them documented with more appropriate posting dates. steve moakler over the weekend cummins falls CMA fest