october reads.

This month, I almost read three books. And then I got behind and didn't quite get the second two finished. So here's the one, and hopefully next month I will have the other two finished, plus the two for November.

Mended, by Angie Smith

I'm a big fan of Angie Smith's writing. I check her blog, Bring The Rain, frequently for new posts, even though she doesn't post very frequently. I never want to miss anything new, but sometimes I just go back and re-read old posts. They're just as good the second or third or fourth time around. Her writing is so real and inspiring and even though she may have written it years ago, it is still so relevant.

Basically, Mended is a book that's comprised of blog posts she's written throughout the years. Some of them I'd read already, some of them I hadn't. Either way, I loved reading them all the same. The way it's set up, having 31 chapters, it worked perfectly as a daily devotional-type read for October. Each chapter starts with a scripture verse, followed by a few pages of text, and ended with a "Mended" section, in which she challenges you to think differently and maybe try something new.

I was going to list a few of my favorite chapters, but when I went back to make note of which ones I particularly liked, I ended up just re-writing the table of contents.