music monday: CMA awards.

I don't know about you, but I always just assumed that CMA stood for Country Music Awards because I never really spent more than seven seconds thinking about it. And because people often shorten it to "CMA's." But it turns out that it actually stands for Country Music Association, so it's not redundant to say "CMA Awards." It's actually what you're supposed to say. Good to know.

Moving on.

My restaurant hosted an after-party, but don't get too excited. The highlight of the evening was probably that three-second time span in which I saw Keith Urban approximately 15 feet away from me on the sidewalk. (Here's some inside scoop: he drove himself.) All of that to say, I only got to watch a bit of the awards before I had to get ready and go to work. But here are some thoughts on the nominees and winners.

entertainer of the year: blake shelton. Does anyone else feel like Blake Shelton is a little bit overrated? And maybe his spot as a coach on "The Voice" has something to do with his rise in popularity? No? Okay.

male & female vocalist of the year: blake shelton & miranda lambert. Power couple. (Obviously, my pick for female vocalist was Kelly Clarkson.)

vocal duo of the year: thompson square. It's about time these two got some recognition. And the same for Love & Theft, who were also nominated. I was kind of surprised to see that The Civil Wars were nominated for this category, but they didn't win, despite how popular they are. Then again, they were nominated–but are they really country, though?

new artist of the year: hunter hayes. Yes. Obviously.

album of the year: chief, by eric church. Why has it taken people so long to realize this album is amazing? Definitely one of my favorites, but also, Own The Night, by Lady Antebellum.

single of the year: "pontoon," by little big town. Obviously, my pick was "God Gave Me You," mainly because DAVE BARNES, FOR THE WIN. Every time. But "Springsteen" is also a favorite. Basically, "Pontoon" would have been at least third on my list.

song of the year: "over you," by miranda lambert and blake shelton. Again, with the power couple. But also again, "God Gave Me You." Obviously. (And "Springsteen" was also nominated in this category.) But by the way they spoke about it after they got the award, I feel like it was deserved. And, let's not be ungrateful. It's still freaking amazing that Dave's song has gotten so much recognition as it is. Award or no award, it's still a huge win.

musical event of the year: "feel like a rockstar," by kenny chesney and tim mcgraw. I don't know anything about this category, but something tells me this was an appropriate win. However, my vote still would've gone to "Safe & Sound," by T-Swift and The Civil Wars.

Click for more information on the 46th annual CMA Awards and the nominees/winners.