november, in photos.

when my roommates are out of town, she always wants to cuddle. on this day, i made the mistake of picking her up to send a photo to my friend, because then she sat on my lap like we were best friends.

my friend christina was in town for a quick visit.

tab and i went to the mall, almost right after halloween, and it was 100% christmas in there. pop-up calendar store and all.

on this night, neither of them tried to sit on my lap (with my roommates still out of town), but they were both sitting with me. i didn't want to miss the moment, so i snapped a photo real quick, mouth full of pasta and all.

sprinkles cupcakes, welcome to nashville.

andrew ripp's new album was the last one i worked on and it released a month after i left, so i never actually saw a physical copy. my friend got one and sent me this photo. having my name in an album is one of those things i always thought would be neat but didn't think would happen, especially since i quit that job.

since the tour prevented me from going home for thanksgiving, i spent my first thanksgiving away at my friend's house.

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