civil rights was like an unintentional theme this week.

listen, i thought maybe i'd blog more frequently. casual things about road life.

it turns out, road life (as a nanny) means having essentially no down time where you want to do things like write or think or deal with the spotty internet in any capacity.

so here we are, picking up where i left off two weeks ago.

we were in our nation's capital after we left charlotte. it was rainy and we were playing at the kennedy center, which means it was an incredibly neat place to perform but the nursery situation included a small, empty room with a grand piano in it (or something like that).

one of the security guards who worked there let us in on the secret that the hallway where the jfk tribute thing is (i'm so clearly informed of what i'm talking about here) is open to the public, so technically they couldn't kick us out.

so we basically took advantage and set up camp in the hallway, craft binders and crayons and all.

and there were obviously photos taken of the giant jfk head.


the next day, we were in some random town in ohio. i don't remember much about this day (or even know exactly where we were), but after a busy day in dc and a good night's rest, it felt refreshing to have a more laid back day.

after all the kids went to bed that night, the nannies hung out and watched elf, ate popcorn, and took selfies.

fun facts about the nannies. samantha, on the right, is the oldest in her family. brettan, on the left, is the middle child. i am the youngest. at lunch the other day, we were discussing how well we work together and connect with the kids in different but complementary ways, and we realized samantha has bonded really well with the oldest, brettan has bonded really well with the middle child, and i bond well with the youngest. 


we had a sort-of day off, as we arrived back in nashville the next morning and then bussed out again that night. i think i slept and maybe went to target and told no one i was in town.

our next stop was montgomery, alabama.

the unfortunate thing about this place was that the doughnut shop we found on the map, around the corner from where we were, was closed. like, closed closed. the redeeming part was the runner who went to krispy kreme so we'd still be able to give the kids' doughnuts, as promised.

almost every show has an after party on the bus, which usually means a plate of cheese and crackers and maybe some other snacks. this night, they requested brie and sliced apples.

and this is what you get when the nannies are in charge of the food. they get faces. meet brie-anna. (GET IT.) we cried-laughing as we put this spread together.

the fortunate thing about this place was that it was two blocks away from the rosa parks museum and this sign.

the museum wasn't a thing we could do with the kids at their ages, but we did wait until they were asleep (and the parents were back after the show was over) and walk over to the sign, for the fun of it.

this was particularly exciting to me, on account of that time T did a report on rosa parks in the third grade. but i'll let you ask her about the significance of that story.