charlotte | on tour.

i don't know what day it is, but i know where i am. i know where i was yesterday and where i will be tomorrow, but the details are beginning to blur if you ask about anything beyond that.

i haven't written much about it, because in the moment, it feels like there isn't anything to say.

as a nanny on the road, your life looks pretty much the same from day to day. it's a new city and a new venue and a new green room/nursery/catering situation, but you still have the same routine of mornings with the parents, lunch at noon and dinner at 5 with nap time in between, and spit up on every pair of pants you packed.


after a brief 18 hours across the border, we made our way back to nashville for a full day off on wednesday, a thanksgiving meal on thursday, and bus call later that night.

detroit was our destination on friday, and after a rough morning with the kids, we all breathed a sigh of relief when they were cooperative 

and quiet

 while participating in a calm activity on the bus.


saturday and sunday were two days spent in matthews, north carolina. aka, the charlotte area.

i was the morning nanny on saturday, which meant i had nap time off. usually we take advantage of our spare time to sleep or shower, but on this day, i took advantage of family time with T, lee, and luca.

on saturday night, my parents came to the show with several of their friends and i got to join them for the second half, and then go home with them that night. i slept in a real bed, took a shower, and washed my clothes.

they sent me back the next morning with my favorite thanksgiving leftovers and a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies.

on sunday, i was still technically on during nap time, so when T, my mom, and luca came back, we hung out on the bus until the kids woke up, and then they joined us during our afternoon play in the nursery.

listen, i know you're not supposed to play favorites with a group of kids, but luca is my actual favorite.

it blows me away how much he grows and learns from month to month. in just four weeks, he seems bigger, taller, more grown up. he says more words more clearly and i can't get enough of the way his sweet little voice sounds.

also, this is something T is probably working on, but it cracks me up the way he walks around saying "mine" like it's a statement and not a question. in the store, it's not "i want this" or "can i have this." it's "mine." with no inflection of a question.

that's kind of how i felt, in a room full of kids. i would scan the room for him, as he moved around and played that afternoon, looking for which one was