so i am back now and it's kind of weird. i keep having moments where i feel like i should be doing something, or where's EL and is she awake? i went to the grocery store and kept wanting to push my cart back and forth like it was her stroller. she hates being still, so i was always pushing her back and forth. that's going to take some getting used to.

i watched her again tonight, probably for the last time before they leave on tour. she was pretty tired, so we didn't get to hang out for long, but i made sure to get in some good cuddles because when she gets back, she's going to be so big! even tonight, ellie was feeding her rice cereal when i got there. rice cereal. how is she even starting to eat solid foods already?

no photos. i literally changed her diaper, gave her a bottle, and put her to sleep.

in other news, i had been wanting to go to this show (which was last night) for a while, but i was feeling pretty tired and nothing was really motivating me to get up and put pants on. so i texted my friend and she was already planning to go, so i met up with her and her friend at patterson house, which is interesting because it has no signs and i sort of got lost on my way there, but that is all irrelevant because they use actual books as check books. and it's so neat because you can read what other people have written in them and you can leave your own message and it kind of reminds me of serendipity, except it would be pretty easy to find the same book again.

the show was joshua james and david ramirez and my friends were more excited for david ramirez, who i had never heard of before, and i was more excited for joshua james. but even then, i only really knew one song of his, but i am basically in love with it so it's fine. the actual show was okay, made awesome by the people i was with. i probably would've enjoyed it more had i drank a cup of coffee or something beforehand, because the fact that i'd been wanting to go to this show didn't change the fact that i was still tired from tour.

oh, there was this one awkward moment where david ramirez was about to play his last song and he wanted joshua james and his band to come out and sing it with him, which is like a thing. you know? so he says, "where's joshua james and his band?" and to me, it was pretty obvious what was about to happen. but the bartender seemed to be a little confused because she yelled "they're upstairs!" ...except they weren't. they were right on the side of the stage, waiting to come out.

anyway, so that's what i've been up to since i've been home.