easter weekend.

this past weekend, T and lee drove over to nashville to visit and celebrate easter with me. josh was planning on coming too, until he realized he didn't have good friday off from school. boo!

you know that thing that happens when you miss a person, but it's not until that person is standing right in front of you that you realize how much you've truly missed them, because somehow it feels a little easier to breathe when they're next to you? that's how i miss my T. i miss her every day and all the time and when she sends me photos of her growing baby bump, i want to hop in the car and drive to charlotte so i can put my hands on it and tell my nephew that i love him in person. but when she was standing in front of me in my driveway on thursday night, i felt like i could cry as i hugged her and felt that sweet baby between us. i love this city and my new friends and the incredible opportunities i have here, but nothing beats being able to share all of that with your best friends.

so that's what we did, on friday. i drove them around and showed them what my life looks like here. on saturday, we went to franklin, and on sunday, we went to church and had easter brunch with my roommates and some friends. in between, we had lots of quality hangout time. mostly because it was rainy, but quality time is my love language so i had no complaints.

// lunch at burger up.

// the parthenon in centennial park.

// lunch at mccreary's on main street in franklin.

// sweet cece's, of course!

// S + T, a cute sign i found in a shop.

// easter sunday.

the highlights of the weekend include: when my nephew kicked and i could


it, and when my nephew kicked and i could


it. also that video i got to see of him from an ultrasound, during which he sticks his entire hand in his mouth.

you guys, my nephew is the best already and he's not even born yet.