I woke up this day (Friday) with "Tennessee" stuck in my head, and after a while in the van, it switched to "Nothing But Trouble." And, this photo looks like the one I posted yesterday, but it isn't.

That's kind of what touring looks like, from my experience. New day, new city, same clothes, same look. Plus, lobby call was at 7:30. So. You know what that means.

They had a radio thing before the show in Columbus (which is why we had to leave at such an insane hour) and that was so much fun to experience because I took a radio class in college, and I've obviously seen photos/heard live performances on air before. Also, there was this sweet older man who worked there, who was saying hello to EL and he asked if she had my eyes or her dad's eyes. And when I said she was Drew and Ellie's daughter, he said, "Oh, well you are a very natural nanny." Thank you, sir. Be sure to mention that to Drew and Ellie for me. Anyway, he then asked something about her watching her parents play and I told him she's usually asleep by the time they hit the stage and that's when he brought us into the studio and showed us where we could watch through the window.

I loved this because 1) EL absolutely loves hearing her parents' music and playing their record when she's fussy works like a charm every time, 2) I have yet to actually see DH&N play a full set, so I take any chance I get to watch them play a few songs, 3) it's so much fun to watching Drew and Ellie glance over and smile at their baby girl, because while they get to do their dream job, she is still the best thing that's ever happened to them.

On the left is a quick photo I snapped of our view, and on the right is from

Ellie's Instagram

 from our little photo shoot afterwords.

Also I wrote my name in magnet letters on their refrigerator.

From there, we went to the venue and loaded in. And by that I mean they did. I hung out with EL. Obviously. Then we got dinner at Boston's and it was a little crowded, so we got two tables and I ended up with Drew and Ellie (and a sleeping EL), which I really enjoyed. They're great, and Drew asked me for a piece of advice for a new dad with a daughter. He's already doing an amazing job though. They both are.

Right before they went on, Ellie was still getting ready and I was walking around with EL because she was hungry and a little fussy and usually walking around is enough to keep her calm for a few minutes until Ellie can feed her. But I think being in the same room was working against me and EL was getting impatient (but still not crying–she only does that when she's


 hungry or


 tired). Drew started walking around, playing his guitar and singing, probably trying to make sure he remembered the words (because sometimes he forgets, like the night before when he was googling his own lyrics and writing some down on his set list so he wouldn't forget). As soon as I heard Drew play a few notes, I walked over to him so EL could hear and calm down, and once he noticed what I was doing, he played the whole song through right to her. And, of course, it worked. She loved every second of it.

When Ellie was done curling her hair, she came over and took EL from me and joined in as Drew was finishing the song. I didn't have my phone on me (it probably would've been too dark anyway), but it was the sweetest moment, watching the two of them sing to her. They're such a sweet little family.

She is going to have such a unique childhood. She already does. I mean, what other baby girl gets to have tummy time on venue stage like it's no big deal?