moon river | pre-fest.

this year, i took one hundred times as many photos as last year. which isn't really saying a lot, considering i took like two photos last year. BUT, that means this is a multi-post event.


day one involved a lot of prep. getting to the festival grounds (relatively) early, unloading things from our truck, setting up tents and stations, hanging banners, exploring.

last year, we only had one day to set up, host a festival, and tear down. which meant little wiggle room for, like, fun. it also meant i didn't step foot on stage last year (because i know zero things about equipment or production), and that meant i didn't see this door:

i instagrammed this with zero context, and unless you've been on stage at the levitt shell in memphis, you won't get the significance, so here it is: it's written on the back of the door that's on stage. so, after playing your set, you walk through a door that tells you you're lookin' hella fine.

more details from backstage.

this is a portion of the mural that is painted on the wall backstage, and i had to snap this photo because it looks cool, but also because everyone always gives me this same disgusted, memphis-is-the-worst look when i tell them that's where drew has chosen to host his festival. but it's his hometown, and he has more hometown pride than anyone i've ever met. it's a city with soul, he'll tell you.

^ the before.

at some point after noon (you can't even expect me to remember details like when  exactly we did anything), we made a trip to costco. but first, coffee. at this sweet little shop called muddy's.

we filled four or five of these + three full pallets of water.

see? this is not all of it.

molls, packing it in.

and then we all rode in the uhaul back to the shell, listening to "uptown funk" while singing and dancing (them) and taking videos of it (me).

photo shoots are important.

we're not very good at them. we're pretty awkward about it. but we both have blogs so we do it anyway because it's FOR THE BLOG. or, at least that's what we say.

we are definitely barney stinsons when it comes to blog talk in social settings.

last but not least because WE PUT UP THIS BANNER. team sqrunik, is what we've decided to call ourselves. we rule.