moon river music festival | 08.15.2015

last year, i remember being blown away by this festival. it was "year one," as my boss would always say. whenever we discussed ideas or pricing or logistics, the answer always revolved around the fact that it was "year one." we were creating a festival from scratch, and it was incredible to watch it grow from nothing into something, to be part of the team that breathed life into it. it was a lot of work, it was overwhelming, it stormed for thirty minutes, putting a pause in the middle of drew's final set, but we pulled it off and it felt like magic.

watching someone else's dreams come true will always be my favorite thing. with drew, i got to see it in the launch of his music festival and in his sold out show at the ryman, and then again, on this day, with all the ways the festival grew and got better and sold out in only its second year.

cereus bright.

stephen kellogg (in the background).


colony house.

more colony house.

judah & the lion.


we had a few (5,000) people show up.

^ posted in the bathroom.

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bo rinehart.

bear rinehart.

seth bolt.

okay okay okay.

^ how jon foreman watched drew's set.

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BONUS. meet huck holcomb.