july, in photos.

apple music is a thing. i'm probably the only person on the planet who uses it more than spotify. or, uses it in general. my point is, i favorited this video AB posted, via apple music, and this message popped up. my first love is right.

molls was dog sitting.

THOSE DOGS LOVE ME. or hate me. also they're not supposed to be on the couch, i don't think?

molls turned  t w e n t y.

my friend tab makes the best lattes, and she's pretty okay at latte art. (i always take photos, like a proud mom, because i remember when she first learned how to do this.)

she got a new desk, which is located in a separate office. fortunately, we can still talk to each other through this window in the wall. also she hung up christmas lights, because of course she did. she's molly.

recently, we brought back cookie fridays at the office and molls took two freshly baked cookies and held them up to her face. instead of heart eyes, cookie eyes. i have never met another person who likes cookies more than she does.

on this day, we matched and then had a photo shoot.

on the day of my three year nash-versary, i went to love circle for the first time and ate two tacos while also sweating because it was like 1pm in the middle of july.

but that skyline though.

lunch break hangs.

my church had a summer hang in the park, with a photo booth. all i can see here is the large chunk of hair ON TOP of those enormous glasses and all i can think about is how on earth that even happened.

this is my life, basically. (i need you to know that it had just rained and it was still misting out when this photo was taken. for the love of chocolate, you know?)

BONUS. whenever i text lee, he responds with many miscellaneous photos and videos of luca. i couldn't not post this, because: hair. cape. teepee.

my nephew is cooler than everyone i know.