monday night with EL.

she gave me the biggest smile when i walked in. i could see it hiding behind her paci. and then she stuck out her hand and waved it around, in a more circular motion than an actual wave, but it was THE cutest. the last time i watched her, she only did the sticking her hand out part, with her palm facing up like she was more like welcoming me than waving hello.

she is also very into climbing on things and is practically able to stand up on her own – although i didn't see much of that, what with all the climbing she does. ellie told me she climbs up the stairs, which i've heard she's been doing, but she just learned how to climb back down them too. drew also let me know that she's not the same easy baby she once was. she's got opinions now, he said. like, on what time she goes to bed.

i only had a couple hours with her before her bedtime, and she spent most of them whining and clinging to me and looking at the door and waving. she was a little like that when i watched her last, but she was still easily distracted so it wasn't really an issue. this time, it was full on sobbing as her parents walked out the door. big, huge tears and a very pouty face. she'd squeeze my arm and rest her head on my shoulder, but ultimately, i am not mama. i cannot do the trick.

the sad news is, listening to DH&N no longer does the trick either! maybe because hearing her parents' voices only reminds her that they're not around? however, katie herzig is up on her list. she would be whiny, but she would also dance a little bit too.

it's okay to still dance even though you're crying, right?

she went down easy for me though. i was a little worried, because drew and ellie had both warned me about it, and because putting her in bed meant putting her down and then also leaving her. but i think she was ready, after all that crying and being sad. it's exhausting, i know.

she's the sweetest though. even if she puts up a fight and makes me try all kind of crazy things just to get a smile out of her. (which i did. i made her laugh a few times too. we're calling that a win.) and even if she is basically all grown up now. i mean look at that sippy cup! i don't even want to know when she starts walking.

except i do, though. i do. i cannot get enough of her.

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