green river ordinance : 10.12.2013

on saturday night, i took the night off to see a show. here's the thing about that. more times than not, i'm only in it for the headliner. which means i could technically swing a shift and still make it in time to see the full set. but sometimes it's just nice to have the whole night off and not be exhausted by the time you arrive at the venue. and let me tell you, it was downright GLORIOUS to have the whole day on saturday. like i actually can't remember the last time that happened (not including the saturdays i have off on luca weekends).

my day wasn't terribly exciting, because i spent most of it doing laundry and cleaning and running errands, but sometimes it feels good to do those things. (signs i've been working too much?) plus, after a week of being sick, i was ready to get things done.

throughout all of this excitement, i had the new GRO ep playing in preparation for the show. i was seeing them that night and i still hadn't even listened to their new stuff. (biggest fan, obviously.) what i found though was that their music (new and old) just reminded me of CT and those times i saw them play in boston with my friend leah and how we were always so excited about it and, well, such fangirls. even though i have seen them play in nashville once before, i think GRO might be one of those things that always brings me back to CT.

anyway, i met up with my new friend tab in time to see matthew mayfield open. matthew mayfield? he is so good. he has this fantastic voice that's so different from what i usually listen to. i'm not a huge fan of his, but every time i hear him sing, i'm reminded that i probably should be.

and then there was GRO. as always, they completely rocked. except this time felt way different than all the other times. maybe because i'm not too familiar with their new music or because i used to work with them and now i don't or because leah wasn't with me. or maybe i'm just not as much of a fangirl as i used to be. i don't know. i loved it, but it just felt different this time.

favorite moment: after they played their last song like they usually do – acoustically, in the middle of the crowd (which happened to be right in front of me) – they walked off and their drummer, who i'm sort of friends with now, shook hands with fans he passed along the way, thanking them for coming out to the show. he shook my hand and thanked me too, and then he realized who i was and said, "SARAH! OH MY GOD, HI!" and gave me the biggest hug. it was fine, you know? shake my hand, be grateful i came out to the show. of course i would, i'm a fan! but he kept stumbling over his words, trying to apologize. of course it's you, he kept saying.

that's the thing about going to shows now. a lot of times, i have a double connection to these bands. i'm a huge fan, but i also sometimes work with them. they may not know who i am, but i know i worked on their album release. it's not weird, but it feels weird. i guess i'm still trying to find that balance.

either way, saturday night was a win.