what i did on my sick days off.

(i was sick this past week. it was terrible and annoying and i tried really hard to do nothing but feel better, even though doing nothing is boring. however, i don't think you could call my days unproductive exactly. here is what i did.)

hung out in bed all day last sunday in an attempt to prevent myself from actually getting sick.

had trouble sleeping on sunday night due to my complete lack of any physical activity other than going downstairs to eat.

slept through all four of my alarms on monday morning.

got adjusted.

went to target and bought one of everything in the cold and flu aisle.

ate soup.

drank tea.

counted down the hours and minutes until i could take medicine again.

ate a whole pint of peanut butter world. (not in one sitting, who do you think i am?) (i probably could if i tried.)

felt really sad about missing the sold out needtobreathe show on monday night, not because i was sick but because i didn't actually have a ticket.

decided that if someone knocked on my door and handed me a ticket, i would jump out of bed and go anyway.

watched 27 dresses, which i've seen many a times before but that james marsden, man. i cannot get enough of him.

finished catching up on the last season of parks & rec.

watched the first two episodes from this season.

posted two blogs. drafted a third. (this one.)

caught up on the three newest episodes of how i met your mother.

watched the newest episodes of hart of dixie and once upon a time.

read 14 chapters of boo mama's book, a little salty to cut the sweet.

continued in watching more of the west wing.

felt thankful that, since i haaad to get sick, it happened on a week not connected to a luca weekend.

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