Yesterday (Wednesday), Drew met up with us back at the Atlanta airport for our flight to Milwaukee, where they were playing a show. This part of the week began the real tour part, with the long drives and venues and hotels. The first part of the week was great, but I was pretty excited to get a taste of what actual touring is like.

The rest of the band (The Neighbors!), along with their tour manager, drove up in the van and picked us up at the airport. From there, we went to the venue for load in and soundcheck and the whole deal. While Ellie fed EL and got her to sleep, I went out and helped Stu (tour manager) set up the merch table and learned a bit about that process. I've sold merch at shows before, but the keeping track of numbers part is quite a complicated process involving a very intimidating spreadsheet.

It was a pretty easy night on my part because my main job is taking care of EL and she was asleep practically before the show even started, so I basically just hung out all night. And then once the show was over, we loaded out and checked into the hotel. This time, it was just your standard hotel room and I shared one with Drew, Ellie, and EL.

Not a lot of photos (or details) from this day. Probably because I'm tired and it was a travel day and EL slept a lot.