I've only ever been to the airport in Atlanta, but I've met quite a few people in Nashville who either live or have lived there, so I thought it would be pretty neat to actually get out of the airport and see it. Until we got there and were greeted with hail, as seen in the photo above. Then I just wanted to hurry up and get where we were going (which was actually in Jasper, about an hour and a half north of Atlanta). Plus, we were also running a little behind, thanks to a delayed flight and a couple other set backs.

This event is a Young Life training thing for musicians who want to play YL camps. From what I understand, YL is an organization that's kind of like a church youth program, but it's not affiliated with a church. They have weekly meetings, kind of like a youth group, and camps for junior high and high schoolers. It's something Drew and Ellie have been really involved with, and while they do play for YL events, they are also very much a part of the community. These few days (Monday night-Wednesday morning) kind of remind me of the day before SNEMN camps (the camp I went to with my church in CT), where they go over everything to prepare. Except it's YL, and only the music portion of the camp weeks. And not the day before camp.

It was just Ellie and I on this trip because Drew had a previous commitment, so we tag-teamed it with EL. But mostly it was just me hanging out with her while Ellie participated in the activities, and then she came back when it was time for EL to eat. Because, you know, I'm not equipped for that kind of job. It was fun though, and it worked out well because the times when Ellie fed EL were meal times or free times so I was able to hang out and meet people, most of whom live in Nashville. So it was pretty awesome and a good mix of baby time, time to myself (during naps), and time with other grown ups who talk back and have conversations.

I didn't know anything about YL, or that it even existed, until I started working with Good Time and Drew and Ellie, but even still, I only really knew what I saw online about it. From what I've heard in the past few days, it seems really cool. Or at least the camps do. It reminds me a lot of my camp, but it's not just one week or a regional church thing. But the extent of my YL experience has literally been just these past few days, so that's basically just my first impression.

And now, pictures. (And I got the green light from Ellie to post sweet baby photos. Yay!)

// EL was such a good sport during that crazy flight delay and car rental process. She's basically the best travel baby ever.

// I got my own room again, which was nice. And unexpected. I'm not really a camping, outdoorsy person (unless it involves the beach), but the fact that the majority of the furniture in the room is made from like, tree branches is pretty awesome.

// Played Sorry! with some girls I met. So fun. (I'm yellow. I won.)

// Unwashed hair, Drew Holcomb hoodie (obviously), and that sweet, sweet baby girl = Tuesday.

// The hand holding. I love the hand holding.

// But seriously, I have so much love for her. I'm so glad to have this opportunity to hang out with and take care of her.

P.S. Here's the

website for the resort

I stayed at in Florida. Which was actually Ponte Vedra Beach and not Jacksonville, but close enough.