grand rapids.

This day (Thursday) was my first full day with a typical tour schedule. Lobby call was at 10:15, which wasn't bad at all, but I still chose sleep over showering. Also, "The Wine We Drink" was stuck in my head in my head all morning. So that was neat.

// unwashed hair and breakfast at starbucks.

I don't know how long our drive was. I can't remember, plus there was a time zone change, and I think it's better I don't know anyway because then I'm pleasantly surprised when it's not as long as I expected it to be. Or maybe traveling long distances isn't a big deal to me anymore? I used to think anything over three (as a passenger) was unbearable.

It may also have something to do with the other passengers. Because these people I'm traveling with are such fun people.

// EL, the best travel baby. and what happened after she woke up in the van (totally candid) from

Ellie's Instagram


Our route brought us through Chicago and did you know there are so many buildings in that city? Nashville's skyline is like, five buildings. Chicago's is like, a lot more than that.

// chicago. i am basically obsessed with city skylines.

The venue they played at has a couple of rooms, and Here Come The Mummies (who I saw that time at

Live on the Green

) were in the main room, which also means they got the green room. So we hung out in the office upstairs, which was not backstage and included staff members coming in and out throughout the night. Which wasn't a big deal, we were so grateful they let us use their space, but it meant I couldn't leave and see any of the show. Also, the office is right in between the two rooms, so I got a nice mashup of Drew Holcomb and The Mummies. Interesting mix.

// ellie tried to get EL to practice sitting up on her own. her face in the middle one kills me.