meet [insert name here].

(yeah. she still doesn't have a name. i'm working on it, okay.)

so, to start at the beginning, i needed to buy a new(er) car because dear old gladys (my '96 taurus, which i unfortunately do not have a photo of) was getting, well, old. and i needed something a little newer and more reliable (and something with a cd player) since i'll be moving to nashville and all. so i looked around and went back and forth, trying to decide what i wanted and what would be the best option.

(this proved to be a rather difficult task for me because my main concern was about how cute this new car would be and the rest was up in the air. but, of course, the rest is what's actually what's important. so.)

long story short, i ended up at the dealership that josh just got a job at and he was showing me this mazda3 that i saw online. i'm pretty sure it was love at first sight and i knew it was "the one" after about three seconds of looking at only the exterior of the car. i then proceeded to take this photo to send to my family members as a way of showing them the car i was about to buy that i had not even sat in yet:

my dad & josh were all about the details.

i was all about the cuteness. (i mean, LOOK AT THAT BEAUTY.)

and then i sat in it and drove it around a bit and signed a few papers and three days later, i traded in gladys and got my name on the board.


my mom came with me to pick her up.

i'm only mildly excited about my sweet new ride.

here is a short list of my favorite things about my new car:

–the aforementioned cuteness.

–it's black.

–it's about a third of the length that gladys was.

–IT HAS A CD PLAYER. (guys, gladys only had a cassette player. what.)

–it also has an ipod hookup thing, which i am not overly excited about yet because i still have to get the thing that actually connects my ipod to the sound system.

–it has volume controls on the steering wheel.

–sound comes out of both sides of the car.

–the air conditioning works.

this is what she looked like after her first night at her new home.

and they lived happily ever after.

the end.

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