march always seems like the longest month to me, even though it's no longer than january or october. maybe it's because it comes after february, which is the shortest month–even on leap year. or maybe it's because march is the month in between winter and spring and the transition always seems endless.

(am i the only one who feels that way?)

anyway, i am so grateful that, out of all the months, this one was the "long" one. i needed some extra time this month, even if it was just all in my head. since it was a pretty funky month, instead of posting the top 10 highlights from the month, i'm going to post the top 10 things i had on my to-do list for this month.

1. switch my blog from typepad to blogger. (here's why.)

2. find out about my apartment. (yeah. it's totally mine.)

3. figure out a moving date & move forward with my moving plans. (instead of almost changing my mind. and, i leave may 6!)

4. see the hunger games. (i talk a little more about that here.)

5. buy a new car. (here she is!)

6. get my taxes done. (i was so very pleasantly surprised at the number that popped up at the end!)

7. see andy davis. (and katie herzig.) (read about that here.)

8. run more often. (uhhh. let's not talk about that.)

9. read two books. (i read one, okay. but more on that later.)

10. eat at mooyah before it officially opened.

okay so that last one wasn't technically on the list beforehand, but i just had to include it. one of my mom's clients is the owner of a handful of moe's southwest grill and mooyah franchises, and this mooyah just opened in bishop's corner (in west hartford), so i had to go check it out! there were SO many people there–lots of uha students–but it was yummy and FREE and totally worth it.

in conclusion, march was a rather productive month, even though it was also pretty sucky.